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I'm having family problems. I have a really large family, but "my family" is basically one of my sisters, one of my brothers and my mother.

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In conclusion:

There's a lot of stuff I'm trying to fix right now. But I really don't know what else to do to save my relationship with my family. I've poured my soul out in letters, I've stayed cool through the harshest of interrogations, I've been patient. Doing these things usually results in being told that it's all proof of my femininity and true female nature. I'd never thought I'd ever say this, but I'm ready to punch my mother in the face, and that makes me feel terrible.

Please send advice.

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SO warrior
her eyes flash
   when he is wounded
          by words
   ‘stinging’ his chest
SO warrior’s
      transforms to shelter
at night
             & tenderly
                     kisses his bruises away
where is her security
        where is her safety
            who defends her
in her quiet suffering . . .       
     she transitions
with him
she is a SO warrior
& her courage
be recognized
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You should check out the dyke_kiss_boi community. I am in there and its pretty cool. Just start a topic and it usually tends to draw folks in. Talk about relationships with trans folk or sex issues.. or family issues.. coming out as a soffa. all are awesome topics.

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as you all can see this is a rather new community, although i would like to get it going a bit, anyone have any suggestions?

Feel free to post about the community in places that you feel is relevant, i am doing the same, I really would like to see this group pick up a bit.

Thanks all,

Open question to all!

Whether your a bio boy or bio girl, gay, straight, bi...whatever..
please adjust the example below to fit your sexual preference..
I will screen these comments and also allow Anonymous comments, so
please tell me, how it was adjusted and what your gender identity is. or if your more comfortable emailing me privately please do so at ftmpride@gmail.com. please also include a name you would like me to use on the website, to say that you contributed to the questions...

please toss me your opinion and questions that you would ask if you were in this situation...

here is the scenario:

You meet someone, they are great, kind caring and you just connect with them completely. You feel like your on top of the world and nothing could bring you down.

Your ready to move to the next step in the relationship...

Only than does other person stop and tells you they need to tell you something...
they tell you that they are transperson.

(please give this some thought and respond, please include any information that is pertinant to the situation, emotions, questions, thoughts, etc.)

Thanks in advance!
Brandon Riley